Obama's Executive Action: What to Expect

Last night President Obama made a landmark decision that will change the lives of over four million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. According to the President, many “take offense...

Obama Sending More Signals on Immigration Reform

As the 2012 election inches closer, so too does the impression that President Obama will seek to center the national dialogue around immigration reform. Today, the President will be giving a specch in...

Confident of Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Not So Fast Says Marc Cooper

In a scathing article that criticizes President Obama, John McCain, both Houses of Congress, as well as the entire GOP and Democratic leadership, Marc Cooper opines, “there is going to be NO liberaliz...

Immigration Reform: An Opportunity to Kick Start a Stagnant Economy

One of the most misinformed positions of anti-immigrant groups is that with the economy at such a low point and the unemployment rate so high our nation should be more restrictive when it comes to imm...


Our law firm has offices in New York City and Suffolk County and is devoted to the areas of Criminal Defense and Immigration Law. We focus on these specific areas because of our strong belief in advocating on behalf of individuals who often times find themselves at the mercy of what can be an intimidating and complex government. Nowhere is this more evident than for those who unexpectedly find themselves accused and named as defendants in the criminal system, or for those who face deportation from the United States. However, our advocacy for non-United States citizens does not stop there. At Cohen & Forman we recognize the difficulty for small business owners relying on foreign labor to hire reliable and legal workers. Additionally, we are proud to contribute to this country’s diversity by helping those people from all over the world who wish to live and work in the United States.


- A.L

When we got the call about my brother’s arrest I thought my pops was gonna have a heart attack. Nobody in our family had ever been in trouble with the police and we thought that stuff only happened to other families. We called law firms from all over the internet who made us feel like they were doing us a favor to even take our call. When we called Cohen & Forman they invited us to come right to their office. Me, my mom and dad went to their office and met with an experienced criminal attorney for over an hour at no charge. They answered all our questions and made my parents extremely comfortable. They got my brother out of jail that same...

- R.C.

Smart, confident, aggressive. They take credit cards and were very reasonable with their fees. They were even willing to accept a payment plan. Anybody we know that needs an attorney there is no hesitation, we call Cohen & Forman, LLP. - R.C.

- I.F., September 2012

I come from a close family who all immigrated to the United States from South America. Our world was rocked when just a few months ago immigration authorities detained my mother due to an old conviction, which none of us had thought was a big deal. To say that my mother-as well as the rest of our family- was terrified is an understatement. We were in constant fear that she was going to be deported and that our family would be ripped apart. The attorneys at Cohen & Forman not only won her case, but also helped see all of us through one of the most stressful times of our lives. Their professionalism, sincere concern over my family’s wellbei...

- W.O.M, August 2012

I fled my hometown in South America from what was a lifetime of persecution at the hands of certain individuals. I attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border and was stopped by customs and placed in an immigration detention facility. As I sat in that facility the fear of what was to come was just as emotionally trying as the abuse I had suffered back home. Had I known then that I would be placing my life in the hands of the attorneys at Cohen & Forman I would have felt a lot better. Not only did they assist me with getting released from custody, but they ultimately won my Asylum case. Their devotion to my case, as evidenced by the hours of...

- C.C.

My wife and I retained Cohen & Forman to handle our marriage based green card petition. Not only are their prices reasonable, but they truly do go above and beyond in their representation. While many friends of ours who have gone through the green card application process often complained about having rarely heard from their attorneys or being left in the dark about the status of their case, the same cannot be said for the attorneys at Cohen & Forman. It was clearly very important to them that my wife and I be kept fully informed about how the entire process would play out, from putting the application together to our final interview...

- R.F.

I was in jail at the darkest time in my life and facing a possible life sentence for a crime I didn’t commit. My lawyer told me I should accept a deal so I could go home to my family….. in 7 years. I was confused, depressed and scared when I fired my attorney and let the attorneys at Cohen & Forman handle my case. Their tireless effort and belief in my innocence empowered me. They met with me, kept me informed about my case and never stopped fighting for me. Within a few months they got all of the most serious charges dismissed and I was free. - R.F.

- R.B.

I built my business with my own hands from the time I was 15 years old to one that employed over a thousand workers. The government came after me with trumped up charges. The attorneys at Cohen & Forman were able to get the indictment dismissed not just once but twice. I have dealt with dozens of lawyers throughout my career and for professionalism, determination and legal acumen Cohen & Forman are second to none. If you are in trouble, being investigated or know someone who is they are definitely the first and only number you need. - R.B.

- H.B.

A few years ago I was arrested for allegedly being part of a drug trafficking conspiracy. The judge set over $100,000 bail, which I could not afford and I fought the case from inside jail. My public defender told me that he he could get me a great deal, which would get me out of jail. I explained to him that I did not want to plead guilty to something I did not do. I also explained that I was a lawful permanent resident and did not want to jeopardize my legal status in the U.S. He told me that if I went to trial I would wind up serving a significant amount of time in jail and would be deported, but if I pled to this “great deal” I would be re...

- M.M. October 2011

I can’t say enough good things about the law firm Cohen & Forman. I called them almost everyday and was always able to get information on my case. They called me with case updates and mailed me whatever documents I requested. They made me feel like we were a team dedicated to getting me out of a difficult situation. - M.M. October 2011

R.G.C., October 2011

I have been a lawful permanent resident for almost twenty years, and was shocked when immigration authorities took me from my home and placed me in a detention facility because of an old drug conviction. After speaking to a number of attorneys who told me there was nothing they could do I began to think my case was hopeless. That is until we met the attorneys at Cohen & Forman, LLP who were able to reopen my old drug case and vacate the conviction. I was let out of custody and thanks to them have a new lease on life and am now working toward my citizenship. - R.G.C., October 2011

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